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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is the hottest phrase in marketing. In a nutshell, it is a process of leveraging digital technology to facilitate online discovery of a product or service, acquire a qualified sales lead, and nurture that lead closer and closer to a buying decision — with little or no human intervention until the optimum moment […]

5 Keys To Engaging and Driving Online Community Engagement

Online strategies aren’t just about setting up accounts on the right platforms – your strategy needs to involve true engagement. Driving online community engagement requires planning, risk management, and a cohesive objective that is clearly stated to all of your key staff members. 1. Word-Of-Mouth Only Goes So Far You need a plan. Simply signing […]

Making Money with Social Media

Many social media marketers talk incessantly about things like “depth of engagement,” “catering to the audience,” and “the importance of a Like.” They can talk about Likes until they’re blue in the face. But what’s the value of a Like to the brand? The answer: It depends on what you plan to do with it. […]

How Canada’s Anti-Spam Law Impacts Your Social Media

Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) will come into effect on July 1st. It prohibits sending Commercial Electronic Messages (CEM) to electronic addresses unless those message follow three simple rules: Identify the sender Obtain consent Provide an unsubscribe mechanism. If you are doing business in Canada or if your customers are accessing their emails in Canada, CASL […]

LinkedIn – The Business Social Network to Watch

@jarematkinson In terms of creating value for users, watch the evolution of LinkedIn in 2014! #MomentumMarketing — Shawn Smith (@shawnAtMomentum) May 16, 2014 When asked which social network will be tops as it pertains to building business, especially among B2B companies, the easy answer is LinkedIn. Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better LinkedIn is the social network […]

Understanding the Difference between Google Local and Google Places

Currently Google Local and Google Places are two different Google products each with different data sets. They compete against each other and, in some cases, display duplicate results when those sets are not perfect matches. Google is in the process of merging Google Places with Google Local. But until then, you need to make sure […]