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How To Work with a B2B Marketing Agency – FAQ

As B2B marketers, we have had many questions from prospective clients over the years on how best to work with a B2B marketing agency.

Our people at Momentum Marketing are motivated to help our clients grow their businesses. And quite frankly, that’s the single best way to forge and maintain long-terms relationships. Not to mention having an easy communication style and proven client management process.

So if you are wondering why you should invest in a B2B marketing agency like Momentum Marketing, read on. And if your question is not on the list, reach out. We’re friendly!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an agency that specializes in B2B?

Most marketing and advertising agencies work with B2C brands, dabbling in B2B on the side.

However, B2C is often brand-centric and not always focused on increasing sales. They are two different disciplines with very different strategies and tactics.

• A B2C agency will talk to you endlessly about logo and brand, and how customers will perceive your company.

• A B2B agency will look at your product, analyze the efficiency of your sales funnel, and develop a strategy and plan to increase qualified leads and sales, using measurable activities.

If you need branding expertise along the way, we can provide that, ensuring it supports the strategy we create with you.

Will I have to pay for the automation software?

Marketing Automation software is outrageously expensive, and organizations typically use only a fraction of the tools that are available to them. Momentum offers our clients access to agency-grade SAAS marketing automation at a fraction of the price.

Oftentimes, the cost of the software can be wrapped into the services delivered at no additional charge. We’ll manage as much of the automation as you wish.

We’ll even train your team on how to use it!

How involved will we be?

Momentum has developed a very collaborative yet time-efficient process for working with clients.

Through a series of one-hour discovery sessions, we will gather the information we need to prepare and deliver a marketing solution that delivers results.

How much additional marketing knowledge will I – or my organization—require?

Momentum was founded as an outsourced marketing department for B2B companies.

Many of our clients have little or no internal marketing resources. All of our team has deep marketing and media experience in the B2B realm. Using this experience and knowledge, we act as an extension of your team, stepping as much or as little inside your organization as required.

You are the expert on your business, and we are happy to bring our experience and track record to apply to your business and challenges as you require. So you don’t have to go back to school or take your focus off your own objectives.

But our clients typically end each project with more knowledge about the latest marketing techniques and tools than they had at the start.

Will I get lost in your agency hierarchy?

Unlike traditional marketing and advertising agencies, Momentum has developed a non-hierarchical approach.

We interact with your people on a peer-to-peer basis, not through a sales person or single point of contact. This way, we foster a team spirit and collegial approach that results in more effective and long-term relationships, not to mention better sales outcomes.

What return on investment can I expect?

At Momentum, we believe every dollar spent on marketing should deliver a strong multiple when it comes to returns.

We also believe all marketing should be measurable.

All our campaigns are developed with a clear strategy to increase sales. From digital marketing vehicles, to appropriate traditional initiatives, every tool we recommend is selected based on the ability to measure results.

We then track every channel, analyze results every 30 days at a minimum, and tweak campaigns to enhance those results.

We look at key performance indicators, such as the number of sales, cost per lead (CPL), cost per sale (CPS), click thru rate (CTR), reach, Facebook relevance score, engagement, etc.

How long will it take to see results?

Once we develop your marketing strategy and plan, we can execute your campaign in-market within 30-60 days, with measurable and actionable data resulting within three months.

After six-months, a solid deal funnel should be in place, delivering a stream of qualified leads and increased sales.

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