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5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Reinvent Your Sales Process In 2019

A challenging market is precisely the time to retool your sales organization.

You can invest in processes and technologies that you can utilize in the meantime to increase market share. After all, business will peak again and you will be ready to dominate your competitors.

Here’s why now is the time to get started:

1. It’s Getting Harder to Sell:

It’s not your imagination. Businesses of all sizes are feeling the increasing pain and isolation of diminishing sales opportunities and new business conversations. The problem is that most buyers are tuning out traditional, interruption-based marketing methods, cold calls especially.

The old sales methods are gone forever. Prospective customers are now choosing to interact with the solution providers they choose, when they want, and on their own terms.

2. The Shift is on to Inbound Marketing:

Here is a statistic: 82% of B2B prospects begin with a web search. This is an inbound inquiry. The question is: Will your company be the beneficiary of this interest or will your competitor?

Inbound Marketing is a process that facilitates and hastens client discovery of your offerings, increases web traffic, generates leads, facilitates sales conversations, and builds loyalty with consumers.

It is a process that is especially effective for those businesses with long research cycles and knowledge-based products. In these areas prospects are more likely to get informed and buy from those companies who demonstrate expertise.

3. It’s about Lead Generation: Marketers leverage blogs, audio, video, eBooks, eNewsletters, white papers, SEO articles, social media marketing, and other forms of content in order to: generate organic search results and therefore more traffic, turn visitors into leads, convert those leads to sales, and turn customers into repeat higher margin customers.

It is imperative to design the right inbound strategy for your sales organization by leveraging content and relying on marketing automation software to deliver pre-qualified leads.

This will help you drive traffic with paid and organic search, digital advertising, email marketing, social media, as well as other digital initiatives.

4. Conversion is the Key: 

All of the marketing initiatives in the world will not amount to a hill of beans if the campaigns are not measured and refined in order to maximize conversion – and therefore return on investment.

Creating and improving inbound conversion is a very specific expertise and great care should be taken when choosing a great agency partner who will take the time to understand your business and customers.

The right agency will develop a content strategy and develop engaging content and calls-to-action that are proven to deliver higher quality leads that are much quicker to close than other old school tactics like cold calling and yellow page ads. Then your team can do what they do best – close sales opportunities!

5. The Competition is On: Your smart competitors are improving, even reinventing their sales process right now. If you’re fortunate, you’ll get first mover advantage and out maneuver your competition, and be regarded by your prospects as the expert in your field at the moment of interest.

Your marketing agency will consult with you to develop goals and strategy as well as implement a new process that takes advantage of these methods and techniques.

They’ll also help educate and motivate your marketing and restructured sales teams on how to use these tips, techniques, and technologies to reinvent your sales organization. The time is now.

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Your smart competitors are improving, even reinventing their sales process right now.

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