How To Engage Prospective Franchisees

As a Franchisor, the principles for engaging potential consumers, franchisees, or franchise investors are the same. The difference between a good franchise and a great franchise is not just measured in profitability or in location count. What sets truly remarkable franchises apart from the ordinary is the magic that happens for the customer when those customers can feel the love between Franchisor and Franchisee. That’s when you can celebrate best practices because heart and soul exists in the business. People care and it shows.

The most important customer of any Franchise is the Franchisee.

So how do you foster and communicate this culture to the franchise investment community? And does it even matter?

I Believe –versus- We Believe

As the business owner, imagine inviting someone to make a life changing commitment to join your franchise without any level of emotion. After all, this is your life. You handcrafted the franchise from an idea you had on vacation with your family. You mortgaged your home and future based on an idea that required everything you had – monetary and sweat equity. Perhaps you were so focused on growing the business that franchising happened by accident by having someone close to you, a friend or investor, recognize your efforts and ask the question. “Have you ever thought of franchising?”

This story is essential in creating a connection with those whom you are asking to buy into it. Your story becomes their story. Just as you believe, so they will believe. If this relationship begins with shared values and shared beliefs, it will remain strong for the duration.

The Welcome Mat

Think about this. A prospective franchise investor has heard about your success but never visited one of your operations or talked to anybody about the business. From whom they will likely seek their first intelligence? You got it, an existing franchisee. That investor will gain more knowledge about the guts of your business and how you treat people before they even visit your website and click on ‘Become a Franchisee.’ So how’s your relationship with your family? What will the lasting impression be from that first encounter with a member of your team? Do you offer a culture of care?

Can’t Fake Sincerity

We’ve all experienced the convention hummingbird that flits about saying hello to anyone with a name badge like she is a long lost sister. Is that a warm connection? It’s essential that you allow the heart and soul of your business to be reflected when the investor comes clicking at your website.

Let them meet the president and experience your story through the intimacy of video. Allow them to meet the support crew who love the business as you do. And most importantly, feature several video testimonials of your most important fans – the franchisees that share your story every day—and let them rave about your brand.

Tell your story straight and watch how many prospects download your information package. Sure, there is an alternative. But it might involve being bought out by a competitor with a better brand story at a fire sale price.


Let’s consider:

  1. How to make your Franchisee customer #1.
  2. Retention and happiness = Best brand evangelists
  3. Support
    • Education
    • Marketing Tool kit
    • Customer Service Rep incentives