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Creating Direct Communication With Potential Investors

The New Rules For Reaching Retail And Institutional Investors The key factor behind the bottom-line of any investor relations professional is valuation. The art of effective communication to achieve the highest possible valuation for your company or client is the driving force behind successful, profitable investor relations campaigns. The internet has fundamentally changed the way […]

Is Your Business About To Get Disrupted?

And you just don’t see it coming? The evidence is all around us. The “era of disruption” has arrived. Is your business about to get disrupted? Change Agents Apple disrupted the music industry with the invention of the iPod and iTunes store. Amazon disrupted the book business. Legal Zoom disrupted the legal services business. Netflix […]

Sales and Marketing. Why It’s Getting Harder To Sell

(And what you can do about it) It’s not your imagination. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are struggling to meet their sales numbers. Something has changed. That something is everything. You may have noticed by using relationship tools such as LinkedIn that a high percentage of your contacts and acquaintances have changed jobs in […]

7 Ways To Better Investor Relations

With Improved Inbound Marketing Here are some steps that with the help of a good marketing firm you can implement right away to dramatically improve the quantity and quality of inbound investment leads. 1. Generate More Web Traffic – Investor relations professionals constantly tell us that their single biggest challenge is getting more potential investors […]