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LinkedIn – The Business Social Network to Watch

@jarematkinson In terms of creating value for users, watch the evolution of LinkedIn in 2014! #MomentumMarketing — Shawn Smith (@shawnAtMomentum) May 16, 2014 When asked which social network will be tops as it pertains to building business, especially among B2B companies, the easy answer is LinkedIn. Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better LinkedIn is the social network […]

Understanding the Difference between Google Local and Google Places

Currently Google Local and Google Places are two different Google products each with different data sets. They compete against each other and, in some cases, display duplicate results when those sets are not perfect matches. Google is in the process of merging Google Places with Google Local. But until then, you need to make sure […]

Three Keys of Marketing to New Home Buyers (aka Millennials!)

Adults aged 25-34 and compose the second-largest group of recent homebuyers, making up 28% of the current purchase pool. If you want them, you need to be where they are at their precise moment of interest, or you’ll miss the sale. The Online Buyer How do you sell a property to someone who will not […]

The Impact Of Google Places / Local On Localized Searches

There is no more important consideration for a bricks and mortar retailer than discovery. In the past, this type of discovery relied heavily on the local Yellow Pages. The big yellow book was the means by which many people found the services they required. With the advent of Google Places in 2009, the importance of […]