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3 Reasons Why Pinterest is a Female Marketing Dream

Pinterest describes itself as a simple “Virtual Pinboard.” But don’t let this modesty fool you. Pinterest is the second most influential social networking site (behind Facebook) among women. It is also one of the fastest-growing with over 27 million unique visitors and 220 million page views per day. Here are some more reasons why it […]

What is Organic SEO?

Last year, our Director of Interactive, James Wallace, garnered lot of attention for his blog post entitled Does SEO Really Matter Anymore? Over the past year, the answer to this question has proven time and again to be: “Yes…but not as we know it!” Search engine optimization has changed. In short, this is because Google […]

How Analyzing Big Data Can Lead To A Big Payoff For B2B Companies

Sharability. Reshare. Retweet. Likes. Inbound links. Page views. Social CRM. All of these digital metrics, and many more, when combined, can be described as “Big Data.”  Big Data is more than the latest tech meme. When mined and measured by marketing specialists and then translated into meaningful information that can be used to move a […]

How To Engage Prospective Franchisees

As a Franchisor, the principles for engaging potential consumers, franchisees, or franchise investors are the same. The difference between a good franchise and a great franchise is not just measured in profitability or in location count. What sets truly remarkable franchises apart from the ordinary is the magic that happens for the customer when those […]