BBC Kids Television

Momentum helps BBC Kids Television, the wildly original commercial-free digital cable channel, by evolving its marketing strategy with particular emphasis on improving carriage on cable systems, developing online platforms, and deploying social media and digital campaigns.


  • Strategy and Positioning – Refine key selling propositions and brand language for all uses – on-air, online, and print. Develop brand hierarchy and visuals for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Partner Marketing – Develop a campaign to reinforce the brand proposition with the cable companies to gain better channel placement and more subscriptions. Including: Creative, collateral, social media, and experiential promotions.
  • Consumer Marketing – Create and deploy an ongoing consumer digital marketing campaign via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other channels.
  • Digital Strategy – Create a comprehensive strategy to optimize all online activity. Establish a YouTube Brand Channel. Re-establish and optimize Facebook presence, utilize Timeline and Events, and grow Likes. Facilitate daily Twitter engagement. Refine rules of engagement and document best practices for all platforms.
  • Collateral Materials – Update and refresh all graphics and copy. Source or create additional assets. Identify, prioritize, develop, and deliver one-sheets, presentations, online, and other pieces as required.
  • Collateral Materials – Update and refresh all graphics and copy.

Return on Investment

  • 5000+ Facebook Likes in three months (W18-49 w/ children 2-12)
  • As many as +350 Likes in a 48-hour period
  • Cost per Like as low as $0.44

“Momentum brought focus to our marketing and digital strategies. They helped us not only kick-start but accelerate our social media presence, delivering fantastic results in just a few months. We love working with Momentum!”

Lisa PurdyChannel Director, BBC Kids Television