Podcast listening fuelled by sharing: Canadian Podcast Listener

With podcasters competing for their share of the audio space in an increasingly crowded landscape (there are now 700,000 podcasts available worldwide), findings from the Canadian Podcast Listener Survey 2018, indicate that sharing is key.

The survey, from Audience Insights Inc. and Ulster Media with support from TPX, found nearly two-thirds (65%) of monthly podcast listeners say they have shared podcasts they listen to with others at some point in the last six months. 

Almost half of those (46%) shared a podcast (46%) by word-of-mouth and nearly a quarter (23%) of monthly listeners said they had shared a podcast in the past six months via social media, rising to 29% among 18-34 year olds.

Nearly one-in-five (18%) podcast listeners shared content directly via email or text, rising to 29% among “power listeners” – those who listen to at least five hours of podcasts per week.

“Through which of the following ways do you typically discover the podcasts you listen to?”*


All podcast listeners

18-34 year-olds

Power listeners

(listen to 5+ hrs of podcasts/week)

From friends/ family members




From charts or listings on iTunes




From podcast apps/ websites other than iTunes




Hear about them on the radio




See them on social media




Read about them in a newspaper or magazine




Read about them on a website




From other podcasts




*The Canadian Podcast Listener Survey 2018

How can podcasters capitalize on these findings?

Jeff Ulster of Ulster Media says making content easy to consume and share is key.

When you share podcast content online, you’re competing for attention with every other text, email and social media post out there. If you want to increase your odds of becoming part of the online conversation, offer shareable content in a format that’s native to the platform you’re using to distribute your content,” said Ulster.

The Canadian Podcast Listener Survey is based on a representative sample of 3,000+ Canadian adults and 1,500+ monthly podcast listeners from online access panel Maru Voice Canada.

Initial findings from the Canadian Podcast Listener Survey 2019 will be released this summer.

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Nielsen to add 200 new Canadian stations to BDSradio metrics platform

Nielsen Music has extended its relationship with SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) to remain the exclusive provider of detailed radio airplay data from more than 500 Canadian stations.

As part of the deal, Nielsen has increased coverage by adding 200 new stations to its BDSradio metrics platform. The data analytics and measurement company says increased monitoring will provide deeper insight into Christian radio formats for the first time and include additional French-language stations in Canada. 

SOCAN members use BDSradio data to access more detailed reporting of ISRC numbers (the code rights and royalty organizations use to track royalty payments) across a wide range of platforms, including online streaming services, for more accurate and timely data. In addition to monitoring radio airplays, online streaming and music consumer behavior, Nielsen compiles data from nearly 40,000 retail outlets globally, to help record labels, publishers, artists, and performance rights organizations understand what albums, singles and music videos people are buying, and where they’re buying them.

“With coverage of more than 500 stations in Canada, BDSradio now provides airplay for the long tail, including Christian and French language stations, to help artists get paid,” said Paul Shaver, VP of Entertainment for Nielsen Music, in a news release. “We are honoured to continue our 12+ year relationship with SOCAN, one of the largest and most respected publisher rights organizations in Canada.  Renewing our partnership with SOCAN demonstrates the power of Nielsen Music as the trusted and reliable data source for the music industry.”

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Broadcast Dialogue – The Podcast: Michael Hill, Managing Director of Radioplayer Worldwide

Radioplayer Canada recently celebrated its second anniversary of streaming Canadian radio stations to millions of listeners each week.

On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue – The Podcast, Broadcast Dialogue Publisher, Momentum Media Marketing President & Founder – Shawn Smith in conversation with Michael Hill, managing director of Radioplayer Worldwide, on the rise of radio streaming, the future of the in-dash radio experience and the challenges of smart speaker adoption.

Momentum Media Marketing, Broadcast Dialogue’s parent company, is the designated management company for Radioplayer Canada.

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Social media hacking and how your organization can protect itself

Broadcast Dialogue – The #Podcast:

With two incidents that saw hackers gain control of the Twitter accounts of Rogers Radio stations News 95.7 Halifax and News 1130 Vancouver, Momentum Media Marketing’s in-house digital experts James Wallace and Christian Lind offer insight into how the hacks occurred and how media organizations can take steps to protect themselves.