What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is the hottest phrase in marketing.

In a nutshell, it is a process of leveraging digital technology to facilitate online discovery of a product or service, acquire a qualified sales lead, and nurture that lead closer and closer to a buying decision — with little or no human intervention until the optimum moment of contact and/or close.

Marketing Automation is also synonymous with a wide variety of software programs that marketers use to facilitate this inbound marketing process.

But software by itself is not worth a hill of beans without a solid strategy designed specifically for your particular business and prospective customer.

So let’s go back to the start…

If you or someone in your organization has identified the need for marketing automation, then there is likely an understanding that two things have changed for the business.

1. The traditional methods of sales are not working. It’s getting harder to sell!
2. Most prospects would rather cut off their ear than listener to a sales pitch.

Consumers want to discover your product either through search or through a social recommendation. In fact, 82% of B2B buyers start with an internet search.

Your team, perhaps with guidance from your digital marketing agency, will help you determine the strategy and marketing automation tools required to design and execute an entire program, to attract visitors to your business, pre-qualify leads and nurture them with specifically crafted content and offers to lead them through the various stages of your deal funnel.

Only at this stage is it a wise to employ a marketing automation software program to carry out the program devised above. If you pour money into a SAAS (software-as-a-solution) without a plan, you will be wasting your precious marketing dollars. Arguably the true value is in the plan, not the software. In fact, the best digital marketing agencies will provide a robust agency-grade marketing automation software program at little or no cost when you work with them to create, measure, and refine a plan to reach specific goals.

The agency will also train your marketers to properly drive the system on an ongoing basis. Of critical importance is the need to assess performance of every campaign every 30 days. Your agency will be able to crunch the data, make adjustments based on the results, and help you make better business decisions as a result.

Most importantly, you will be generating more, highly qualified leads, meaning that the sales department will spend more precious time closing than warming up cold prospects. Companies that use inbound marketing automation campaigns routinely close 15-30% more business with a properly coordinated strategy and execution.

Momentum Marketing offers comprehensive Inbound Marketing strategy and service coupled with our powerful agency-grade Momentum Marketing Automation software – all for less than a monthly subscription alone for other leading SAAS solutions.

Invest your precious marketing into inbound marketing strategy and training that will drive your business and your team forward. (And get the software for free.)

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The Future of Marketing

The future of marketing is technology. It’s a future that is materializing before our very eyes, driven by a new breed of marketers. They are individuals who leverage highly targetable and measurable technologies to reach buyers wherever they are via whatever platforms they’re using.

They’re marketing technologists. Our marketing agency has them in spades and their influence can be felt on virtually every campaign we mount for our clients.

Marketing Technologists are passionate about staying up-to-the-minute on rapidly evolving platforms, whether it’s Google, Facebook, or digital outlets. They’re also problem solvers who are keen to apply best-of-breed techniques – whether old (like totally 2012) or new – to achieve the campaign goals.

They question status quo and they break through tech barriers as necessary to create a conversion path and generate measurable return on investment for their clients.

The marketing technologist is also a geek about testing multiple conversion paths and refining those paths based on results to deliver the desired efficiency.

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And lastly but not finally, the marketing technologist studies the industry in which they’re working and applies the correct tools for that vertical.

In the case of our client Budget Brake & Muffler, our MTs employed Google Local to help the auto service provider facilitate online discovery and harness the power of consumer generated content (reviews) in a way that the Yellow Pages never could.

When challenged by the client’s desire to distribute content to their brokers and consumers, our MTs created an embedded player for Prudential Real Estate to deliver weekly podcasts that have resulted in over 1 million plays (2015 is the Year of the Podcast!).

Marketing technologists have essentially become the backbone of the digital marketing agency and regardless of the challenges or opportunities they are presented with, they’ll chart a highly customized digital strategy that will deliver results for your brand.

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Let’s customize a digital strategy that will deliver results for your brand.